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miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

Trilingual Orthography Contest

Trilingual Orthography Contest

From my point of view, the first orthography contest was very entertaining and good for the students to learn new words in three languages. Actually, after the first hour  I started feeling a little bit bored, as it was monotonous. But I know we have to take into account that the organizers will try to improve the event every  year, and if the number  of participants increase, it will be funnier too.

Talking about the results, at the end of every round, I was  like..."why don't they say  how many fails the students had?" That made  me get on my nerves, anyway, I enjoyed it, and the gifts were nice. 
María Fajardo, first classified
Melody Maldonado

, the second classified

With regards to the jury, they kept up with the expectations, in spite of the fact that it took too long to correct the words, but I know they went as fast as they could.
I'm so glad that  the contest was carried out, it's important for us to speak and write correctly.

Carlos   Maldonado,  1º de Bachillerato A

Laura Esparrell, third classified

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  1. Thanks, Carlos. At least it made you think (and write) in English. And a fine text, too.
    Yes, the correction after the first round took a bit too long, but if you include more students to make it funnier as you say, then it would be longer, wouldn't it? And getting more gifts for more participants wouldn't be easy. By the way, I still don't understand why you didn't take part in the contest since you met the requirements. Anyway, we'll try to use our imagination for the second one.
    As for not reading the number of mistakes after each round, we didn't find it necessary or even convenient since we didn't want to highlight the mistakes.
    Again, Carlos, thanks for your well-built text and I hope you can take part in the future.